The BABBCO Custom Bagel Boiling System boosts production efficiencies by giving you flexible control over boiling speeds and temperatures. Bagels are transported though a submergible- or waterfall-type boiling system at a preset time and temperature. Uniformly shaped products emerge in precise formation, perfectly indexed and ready for loading into the oven. Highlights include:

  • State-of-the-art PLC controls for monitoring and controlling all aspects of the boiling system, ensuring 'round-the-clock reliability
  • Variable-speed conveyor to synchronize boiling cycles with upstream and downstream equipment
  • Heavy-duty, 316 stainless-steel sheet metal and tubular construction for corrosion resistance
  • Advanced filtration, sensors and valves for maintaining consistent water levels
  • Stainless steel insulator pans and heat-capturing hood to simplify cleaning and maintenance
  • For waterfall systems, multiple waterfall stations with dual-spray nozzles that disperse boiling water over the product for the full duration of boiling time
  • For submergible systems, a top and bottom conveyor belt system that submerges product in boiling water for the length of time you specify