BABBCO high-velocity Impingement Air Coolers are replacing many nitrogen and refrigeration systems as the preferred, cost-effective way to cool products and reduce workload for spiral freezers. Our coolers support a wide variety of bakery products and are custom-built to your specifications.

How Air Impingement Cooling Works

BABBCO impingement air units cool product by distributing cooled air through pressurized, stainless-steel distribution ducts located above and below the conveyor belt. The cooled air impinges product on the belt via a pattern of holes in the distribution duct. Far superior to traditional cooling technologies, BABBCO impingement air coolers use fans to draw the cooled air from filtered, ambient air. You can also use evaporation units, refrigeration and chilled water to improve the efficiency of your air-cooling processes even more.

Built For Growth and Convenience

BABBO impingement air-cooling units are designed with modular components to support future expansion, and speed shipping and installation. Although they operate independently of other baking system components, the units can be easily integrated into any BABBCO custom tunnel oven—eliminating the need for additional transfers.

Safe, Simple Cleaning

In BABBCO washdown coolers, the floor is sloped towards the cooler access doors. This channels water and debris into a gutter with capture drains that discharge the runoff toward building floor drains. Internal components are mounted with the specialized, BABBCO "Quick Clamp" system for easy, tool-free removal. Washdown coolers also support the BABBCO Clean-in-Place (CIP) automated cleaning system, which saves you the time and cost associated with manual cleaning procedures.