If you need to replace your aging, inefficient industrial oven but think your business can't afford the downtime, think again. BABBCO can replace your old, deteriorating equipment with a brand new, high-performance, custom tunnel oven in 7 days or less. We'll even remove your old oven in under 24 hours.

All told, the BABBCO oven replacement program is unrivaled in the industry. That's because we pre-assemble, pre-plumb, pre-wire and fully test your new replacement oven prior to shipping it—a big advantage of the modular design that makes our ovens easy to install, service and extend for increased capacity as you grow.

Our 7-day replacement cycle is well worth the results. In fact, many of our customers find that replacing an old, poor-performing oven with a modern, energy-efficient BABBCO tunnel oven can boost production capacity by 20% to 40%. And that's without adding any floor space.


Pie Line Case Study

BABBCO replaced a 13' x 170' European convection oven with a 13' x 170' BABBCO Air Impingement Oven in 7 days flat. With no expansion of the plant footprint, the oven replacement both reduced baking times and increased production capacity by 28%. Read full case study >

Muffin Line Case Study

In just 5 days, BABBCO replaced a 13' x 110' European convection oven with a 13' x 110' BABBCO Air Impingement Oven—slashing bake times by 30% and raising production capacity by the same percent. The size of the facility remained the same. Read full case study >

Bagel Line Case Study

Replacing this 12' x 100' Indirect-Fired Tunnel Oven with a 12' x 100' BABBCO Direct-Fired Tunnel Oven with turbulator system took BABBCO a short, 7 days. Without adding plant space, the upgrade reduced bake times by 20% while increasing production capacity by the same amount. Read full case study >