Unlike many industrial oven manufacturers that treat installation as an afterthought, BABBCO has a set of proven procedures in place to make sure your custom tunnel oven is installed safely, accurately and promptly. One of the most effective is our Turnkey Equipment Installation option, which saves you the hassle of handling time-consuming installation tasks in-house.

When you choose this offering, BABBCO assigns you a dedicated installation coordinator to manage everything related to delivery and installation. That includes freight, rigging, mechanical assembly, plumbing, electrical wiring, stacking and exhaust—even startup and training.

Get Your Oven Installed in as Little as 3 Days

Because our ovens are modular, we're able to pre-assemble, pre-plumb, pre-wire and fully test yours prior to shipping it. This enables us to keep installation time to a bare minimum—to as little as three days—in fact, a far cry from the 6 to 10 weeks it can take other industrial oven manufacturers.

Once your custom tunnel oven is up and running, BABBCO provides onsite, hands-on training to all your equipment operators and maintenance professionals. We also give you all the reference information you need to successfully operate, maintain and troubleshoot your new equipment including part numbers for vendor-supplied components and digital drawings of your plant layout and installation plan.