At BABBCO, there's no such thing as a "standard" industrial tunnel oven. With your input, we design every one from scratch. The result is an industrial tunnel oven that meets your specific production goals, and optimizes product quality and space.

Nailing down the right requirements is a collaborative process, which in many cases starts in our Test Bakery, where you can test products on a variety of ovens with different heating technologies. Innovators at heart, we're also constantly exploring new ways to improve the taste and appearance of baked goods, speed baking and drying processes, and lower bakery operating costs.

All of these factors go into our industrial tunnel oven designs, a fluid process that includes:

  • Calculating capacity and dimensions based on production requirements, resources, and size and condition of facilities
  • Establishing the baking techniques that maximize product quality
  • Designing the right baking surface—from stone to steel plate to tight or open-woven meshes
  • Building in the humidity and temperature-control capabilities to set optimum baking times and achieve the right product color, surface texture and moisture content

Types of Industrial Tunnel Ovens

Because no single baking technique is ideal for all products, BABBCO offers all major types of industrial tunnel ovens, which we design using a variety of fuels including natural gas, propane, oil and electricity. We build all our ovens with a modular design. This makes them simple to configure, build, install and even modify based on your unique requirements—much more so than conventionally-built equipment from other manufacturers. The BABBCO tunnel oven line includes: