BABBCO Infrared Cheese Melters automate the melting of cheese and other toppings on a full range of products. Capabilities include:

  • Infrared heating system that runs on a variety of fuels including electric, natural gas and propane
  • Advanced PLC control system to adjust heating system height and firing rate
  • Variable speed conveyor that varies melting times based on product requirements
  • Small-diameter nose bars on the infeed and discharge ends to smoothly move products from one belt to the next
  • Flexibility to use the melter as a standard conveyor by turning off the infrared heating system when producing products that don't require melting

Designed to meet high standards of sanitation, the melter's infrared heating system can be raised up and out of the way of the conveyor system to allow for thorough washdown of the product zone. Like all BABBCO line components, our infrared cheese melters are constructed from heavy-duty, stainless steel to simplify cleaning and maintenance and provide years of reliable performance.