BABBCO Custom Proofers address a variety of specialized product, throughput and space requirements. We offer a full line of durable, state-of-the-art, PLC-controlled proofers including continuous and batch-type with environmental enclosures.

All BABBCO proofers are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, sheet metal and tubular construction. They enable faster, more thorough washdowns and offer a vast choice of proofing times with variable speed drives and multiple entry points.

Continuous Proofers

Our continuous proofer is remarkably versatile to suit a variety of products. It provides exceptional flexibility with:

  • The ability to process individual pre-cut pieces, a continuous dough sheet or both
  • Your choice of washdown plastic or fabricate belting
  • Multiple proofer entry points to process a variety of products with different proofing times
  • Seamless tier-to-tier transfers with independently-controlled power transfer belts
  • Proofer tiers individually driven by variable frequency drives for complete control of product and proofing times

Batch Proofers

For proofing without tier-to-tier transfers, BABBCO Batch Proofers feature multiple tiers to keep product upright in precisely controlled environments. Each proofer tier is separately controlled to provide exact proofing times. Multiple input and output conveyors maximize throughput by allowing you to load and unload your proofer simultaneously.

Walk-In Environmental Enclosures

Installing a walk-in environmental enclosure around your proofer optimizes product consistency, size, color and weight by keeping fermentation conditions constant. Custom-crafted with 3"- to 6"-insulated walls and stainless steel skins along multiple access doors, environmental enclosures offer:

  • Compliance with US and international health and safety standards as well as CE-, USDA-, and FDA-approved design options
  • Advanced heat and humidity system with stainless steel air distribution ductwork to balance atmospheric loads based on diverse environmental factors
  • To control your environment, condensing units or cooling coils for air conditioning with option to add dehumidification
  • Humidistat-controlled circulation fans to promote even air flow through proofer tiers
  • Years of efficient, cost-effective performance with precision-engineered construction