BABBCO Custom Loading and Unloading Conveyors give you unrivaled flexibility to produce a variety of bakery products at different speeds. With seamless product transfers, our custom conveyors for pan- and hearth-baked foods improve efficiency and keep production moving.

Both lines (pan and hearth) feature advanced PLC Control Systems and variable speed drives to synchronize loading and unloading with upstream and downstream equipment. All components are built with heavy-duty, stainless-steel construction to meet rigorous sanitary standards and provide years of trouble-free operation.

Pan Loading & Unloading Conveyors

The BABBCO loading and unloading system for pan products such as breads, rolls, muffins, cakes and pies includes custom conveyors for grouping, oven loading and unloading. Our pan conveyor system is unmatched in the types of baking containers it supports. It smoothly transfers pans of just about any size and shape, made from just about any kind of ovenproof material such as pans and bake-able cardboard and plastic trays.

BABBCO pan conveyors include reliable sensors on the infeed and discharge conveyors to ensure proper pan spacing and transfers throughout your production cycle. Our state-of-the-art PLC control systems give you precise control of production rates which you can vary by product and pan-type.

Hearth Loading & Unloading Conveyors

BABBCO hearth loading and unloading conveyors streamline production of products baked directly on your oven belt such as pizzas, artisan breads, flatbreads and bagels.

Like our pan-loading system, it's built from durable stainless steel and enables you to adjust transfer speeds to synchronize with upstream and downstream equipment. BABBCO hearth conveyors feature small diameter nose bars on the infeed and discharge ends to smoothly move products from one belt to the next.