At BABBCO, we encourage all our customers to treat our ultra-modern Test Bakery as their own satellite research facility. Stocked with multiple industrial conveyor ovens and high-end baking equipment, it's the perfect set-up for developing new bakery products and testing them on full-size production equipment. Back at the bakery, you can save time on last-minute production line product adjustments. If you're like most BABBCO customers, you'll find that the time you spend at our Test Bakery is well worth avoiding the inevitable pitfalls of small-scale lab testing.

A 15,000 square foot commercial-grade research laboratory, the BABBCO Test Bakery gives you the flexibility to:

  • Test baked goods on different varieties of industrial conveyor ovens including a 24-foot-long, direct-fired ribbon burner oven; a 50-foot-long, air impingement oven and a 35-foot-long, indirect-fired stone and steel hearth oven
  • Evaluate cooling methods and how they impact product quality and throughput on our high-velocity impingement air test cooler
  • Learn how BABBCO bakery tunnel ovens are operated, cleaned and maintained
  • Refine baking and drying methods, determine product-specific bake times and oven settings and assess product quality before purchasing and installing
  • Identify the industrial conveyor oven size that enables you to make the most of your capacity and floor space