1. Main Screen - The main screen is the principal operator screen. It includes operator controls for system start, system stop, log in, log out, monitoring oven parameters and functions, and initial alarm indication as well as feedback from the gas meter.
  2. Recipe Screen with Product Images - This screen is used to enter recipes and adjust all recipe values. All screens are password-protected. A recipe library will be provided so operators can search a complete list of recipes. Product images can be attached to each recipe to assist the operator in producing target products. Vision systems can also be provided.
  3. Zone Detail Screen - All zones to have an independent screen showing all significant zone details including gas safety interlocks, burner status, temperature control status, VFD status, and more.
  4. Trending Screen - The trending screens show graphs/trends of the temperature and humidity levels in each zone. The control system will have the ability to store 60 days or more of trending data.
  5. Manual Mode Screen - In manual mode all motors can be turned on/off individually without the oven being started for maintenance purposes.
  6. I/O Detail Screen - All I/O details will be shown on this screen(s). Status of the I/O will be indicated using a color-coded system (i.e. green - operational, yellow - non-functioning, red - alarm sequence). All operating functions to be included.
  7. Custom Reporting - A data collection system with a custom reporting package can be provided.
  8. Oven Efficiency Report - This custom report lists the equipment uptime for a given time period.
  9. Equipment Alarms Report - This custom report provides a summary of all equipment alarms that occurred in a given time period. The report includes the alarm type, the time alarm occurred, the time alarm was acknowledged, comments, and user (maintenance person responsible).
  10. Alarm Frequency Report - This custom report lists the most frequent alarms in a given period starting with the most frequent and ending with the least frequent. Highlighting the most frequent alarms allows maintenance to target the areas that are contributing to the most downtime.

Our state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Management System offers a full set of flexible data collection capabilities that give you a better understanding of operations while simplifying management. It helps you maximize productivity and reduce costs with advanced features that enable you to:

  • Accurately record fuel usage from a PLC-controlled meter
  • Use a robust, data collection system to customize reporting on all PLC events including alarm frequency by type, maintenance history, oven efficiency, equipment uptime and other vital activities
  • Create recipe audit trails to record recipe activity and monitor changes that affect product quality
  • View product photos from the recipe screen to ensure that products are produced on spec
  • Access preventative maintenance help from the maintenance screen with shortcuts to your equipment manual and bookmarks that simplify navigation
  • Troubleshoot oven performance remotely with a VPN or Team Viewer